Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A trip to the British Craft Trade Fair

I've recently been at the British Craft Trade Fair. If you don't already know about it, it's one of the biggest shows for (funnily enough) crafts made in Britain, held annually in Harrogate. Individual stallholders show their work - such as jewellery, ceramics, glass, wood, sculpture, textiles etc - for three days, while trade visitors from shops and galleries come to see what's new and what they would like to order to sell in their retail outlets.

One of the particularly exciting things about BCTF is that every year, they encourage new artists and makers to show their work. The "Newcomers Gallery" showcases the work of new businesses or recent graduates, which can really add another, fresh dimension to the work on show. I was part of this area at the show last year, and it surprised me that so many people this year remembered my work and commented on it in a very positive way.

A typical view of the "Newcomers Gallery" at BCTF 2010

I know I've talked about British Crafts before, and its importance is really emphasised after going to a show like this, speaking to other likeminded craftspeople and getting some feedback on the work you have on show there (as well as some sales!). It's a great experience and wonderful to meet everyone there, as well as catch up with some familiar faces.

For more information on BCTF, visit the BCTF website.