Saturday, 22 January 2011

Welcome to the wonderful world of jewellery...

Hello and welcome to my new blog, all about making jewellery. My name is Emily Richard and I'm a jewellery designer maker, which basically means I think up an idea for a design and follow this through all the way to hand crafting a finished piece of jewellery. I work in a variety of styles, my main focus being on modern, innovative yet wearable jewellery such as the Torus Collection here, but also with an appreciation and interest in more traditional fine jewellery such as the Icarus Brooch below.

As well as designing and making my own pieces, I also teach jewellery classes. When I talk about my job, so many people are unaware of the fascinating process of manipulating bits of metal into beautiful objects. My aim for this blog is to discuss the subject of making jewellery, giving novices, beginners, aspiring jewellers and anyone else with an interest in this centuries-old craft an insight into the daily life of a jeweller and the tips, tricks and pitfalls of manufacturing rings, pendants, brooches and more in the modern age.